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How MICEBuzz generates clients - we open the right doors!



Looking for qualified and high potential MICE clients?

Simply handpick them from our pertinent database, one of the best in the business, due to our strong implantation and profound clients perspective experience.


Share clients with us in numerous and unexpecting ways. Our database with 6000 qualified MICE buyers is constantly updated and growing.


Expensive? Not at all: newsletters start from 0,59 euros / address and clients can be qualified on a one-by-one base for any sales action. Contact Gerald for more information.

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Stand out with MICEBuzz.

Apply our multi channel marketing approach to fully exploit your MICE potential.      




Let's simply come together and analyse what makes YOU so different from (too) many MICE competitors. Our clients perspective approach will help you immediately to improve your MICE position.


The MICEBuzz multilingual team is bursting with creative and outstanding ideas for your regional, national or international action.


Let us create YOUR buzz, own app, campaign, pop-up store or many other new and innovative sales and communication tools.

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Your potential clients are far away?


MICEBuzz is next to them with offices in Paris and London


and soon in Berlin and New York.


Are you looking for other implantations and the nearest contact to your leads?

MICEBuzz  partners are spread all over the globe thanks to the founder's strong network.


Join the club and feel at home in some of the greatest cities in the world.

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Let's face it:


Most of our competitors are either trade show organizers, representation experts or general marketing agencies.


MICEBuzz is more! Thanks to the founder's specific and profound MICE market knowledge. In fact, they are both involved in clients procurement.


That's why we always come up with the adapted answer which your clients will remember and enjoy.


Please read more about the MICEBuzz founders and why they can help you.



Rachelle, an American in London, and Gerald, a German in Paris,

have had for such a long time the idea to create MICEBuzz.


Sorry guys, it took more time than promised due to their respective activities ...


They both have 20 years of international MICE procurement experience and a fine understanding of the customer's side.

20 + 20 = 40 years! Can you imagine how many MICE suppliers they've dealed with?


Rachelle + Gerald came to the same conclusion : MICE marketing wasn't always adapted to the end client's desiderata. It was sometimes insignificant and sometimes too repetitive.


Both - dealing with end clients - were often ennoyed by sales & marketing replies which didn't answer to their requests ... and their respective clients confirmed this observation.


MICE clients change constantly the ways that they work and a new generation of customars is showing up on the scene.


The idea was born:


Transform two exceptional venue finder and procurement experiences into fresh and new MICEBuzz solutions.


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